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Embrace Equity

#EmbraceEquity: Why Equality is Not Enough


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Equality vs. Equity

Equality and Equity although they sound similar and play a vital role in fostering fairness and justice, their approaches and scope are very different. The implementation of one versus the other can lead to dramatically different outcomes for marginalized people.
For instance, to live in a society based on equality, would mean every person or group of people would have access to the same resources and opportunities. Everyone is dealt with in the same manner, regardless of their requirements or any other unique differences.
On the other hand, equity takes into account these differences and as a result ensures that everyone is supplied with the resources that they require in order to be successful. Equity takes into account the fact that every person’s situation is unique and then determines how to distribute the resources and opportunities that are necessary to achieve parity in the result.

Why is equality not enough?

Equality presupposes that everyone starts from the same place and has the same difficulties. This is not true in actuality. Equality is not enough because of the following:

Structural inequalities and systemic barriers

Based on equality, everyone is presumed to have the same resources, requirements, and difficulties. The fact, however, is that people encounter several challenges that limit their capacity. Systemic disadvantages are brought about by structural inequities, such as racism, sexism, and classism, and cannot be eliminated just by providing equal opportunity to all people.

Historical, racial, and demographical disadvantages

So far, attempts to overcome barriers around equality have not taken into account the historical and structural forces that have led to the current state of inequality. Throughout history, some groups have been marginalized and excluded from numerous sectors. Equality won’t be sufficient to bring about justice until these fundamental issues are addressed.

Diverse needs and targeted approaches

The concept of equality is often misunderstood as a general solution. This ignores the uniqueness of people and communities. Even though everyone is entitled to the same level of consideration and respect, individuals have varying requirements and obstacles that call for individualized approaches to problem-solving.
The concept of equality refers to the idea that all people should be treated in the same manner and given the same amount of worth. Giving everyone the same item in the hopes that it will make them equal is a flawed premise because it presumes that everyone has the same starting point, which is not the case.



“Embracing equity means facing the truth that in our society, all people don’t start from a level playing field. So, if we embrace and work towards equity, it means working towards each individual getting the support and resources that they need to succeed, which might be different than what someone else needs.” – Jasmine Surti, Senior Manager, Risk Marketplace Lead.

#EmbraceEquity emphasizes how equal chances are not sufficient anymore. Instead of providing everyone with the same possibilities, equity makes an effort to provide more assistance for those who have been at a disadvantage generation after generation, regardless of their race, gender, or socio-economic status.
In line with International Women’s Month, #EmbraceEquity draws attention to the persistent challenges that women experience in both their personal and professional life. Through the #EmbraceEquity movement, we are acknowledging the problems that exist and working toward the establishment of a more equitable and just society in which women and men have equal access to the same opportunities.

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