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Plan to Succeed through the Pandemic

Adapting to Covid-19



As we head into the end of year break, it is undeniable how many people are commenting on how challenging 2021 has been. For our business client’s though, there has been a quiet yet consistent acknowledgement that managing the challenges of running a business through the economic conditions of 2021 has made for a very difficult year.


COVID-19 in Western Australia


It’s been 2 years since the World Health Organisation (WHO) announced the COVID-19 pandemic to the world. The effects of COViD-19 has affected many people and countries in a devastating way, affecting people’s health, livelihood and connection to others, as well as creating global economic shocks. Businesses have struggled financially and many unfortunately have closed. It is unclear when the pandemic will end and how long it will take for everyone to get back to normal.


So as Western Australia plans, discusses and potentially opens its borders on 05 February 2022, the hot topic heading into the New Year is how does your business plan on adapting to the virus spreading and how will your business adapt to further
economic challenges.


What do you need to be aware of?


Wherever you land on the opinion scale, the WA State Government has outlined a number of safety parameters aimed at ensuring public safety and continuous business operation. As a business owner, it is important that you are aware of and
comply with these measures.


Mandated Vaccination & Booster Shots


The WA State Government has mandated vaccinations by 31 January 2022 for Group 1 and Group 2 industries and occupations, with booster shots required every 6 months. It is expected that WA will have achieved a 90% vaccination rate by 31 January 2022.


It is important that you comply with the vaccination mandates. If a company does not comply with their obligations under the Directions, they may be prosecuted and
face a fine of up to $100,000.



SafeWA app


All venues and businesses must continue to use the SafeWA app assisting public health with potential contact tracing. The government is in the process of developing a new integrated mobile app that will contain proof of vaccination, venue registration (SafeWA app), and G2G pass registration.


Continue to support the State Government and public health, ensuring all staff members and visitors check in when attending your premises.


G2G Pass


When a State of Emergency was declared for the whole of Western Australia (WA) under the Emergency Management Act 2005 (WA), several Directions restricting the ability of a person to travel into WA were given by the State Emergency Coordinator. The G2G Pass is an initiative of the Western Australia Police Force (WA Police) in response to these Directions, assisting with the management of restricting travel to or within the state.


If you need to travel, make sure you apply for your G2G Pass in advance.


Border Changes


The WA State Government has provided an indicative border reopening to occur on Saturday 05 February 2022 in line with WA’s Safe Transition Plan. As the virus spreads
through Australia, it is important to remain up to date on border changes.


From Saturday 05 February, 2022, you will need to:

  • wear a mask in certain venues and settings (usual exemptions apply)
  • provide proof of being double dose vaccinated against COVID-19 when entering certain businesses, venues and large events
  • check in using the SafeWA app or a manual contact register.


Managing your Business through the Pandemic


For Catalyst Central, it has been business as usual … Creating an Empowered Community and building foundations for sustainable growth.


Speaking with our clients we know there is a lot of concerns about the future. Many business owners are anxious about the border reopening, concerned about current and future economic challenges and worried about how much longer their business can survive.


We at Catalyst Central know anxiety is formed in the discomfort of the unknown. You
can’t prepare for everything, but you can plan how you might respond. Planning for potential economic and health changes, will assist you in being strategically prepared, reshaping your decisions to proactively manage through the pandemic.


Business Continuity Planning


It all starts with a Business Continuity Plan…

  • Risk Identification
  • Mitigation Strategies
  • Emergency Action Plan
  • Recovery Plan
  • Financial Management Plan

A business continuity plan should be kept simple. There are a lot of complex templates available however this document needs to be accessible and understandable to all employees.


First consider the Risks you need to manage within your business. These could be legal, environmental, operational, commercial or health related. The pandemic is only one risk. Embrace the challenge and see this as an opportunity to safeguard your business against potential risks and create Mitigation Strategies to navigate threats as they eventuate.


When under pressure, you want to be able to refer to this document, know what to do and Action your Plan. Don’t forget communication is key through an emergency. Your team will be calm if they understand the context of the situation, what to do to assist in the circumstance and when to action something.


A critical element of your Business Continuity Plan is your Recovery Plan. Remember that after an incident has occurred, the stages to recovery may lead to
improvements within your business, a change in your products or services and even a change in your target market. Take the time to reflect and assess your business position, ensuring you make informed decisions on your pathway forward.


Pandemic Incident Response Plan


Where there is an identified positive result for COVID-19, the Department of Health has developed its own Incident Response Plan for the State. In support of businesses, the Department has provided information on COVID-19 Outbreak Management Principles for Office Settings. If you don’t have a business Incident Response Plan, this document is a great place to start! But you should adapt this into a business specific plan, noting your key contacts and actions in the event of a positive result within your workplace.


In addition to the above, you may want to consider:

  • Procedures for checking into office locations;
  • Hygiene practices required within the workplace;
  • Safe distance practices within the office and meeting room capacity limits;
  • Communication practices if a positive result is returned for an employee;
  • Continuation of operations in the event a positive result is returned for an employee;
  • Use of technology to deliver your products or services to clients;
  • Flexible work arrangements and work from home arrangements during an outbreak;
  • Alternating roster arrangements to protect business operations;
  • Succession planning for critical business roles during an outbreak;
  • Succession planning for your role as Business Owner / Managing Director if you were to become unwell; and
  • Financial planning that considers good stewardship practices managing operational costs, labour costs and investment opportunities.


What makes Catalyst Central different?


We’re here to serve our clients. We get to support so many businesses across multiple industries succeed and in return get to develop and grow with our partner businesses.


But we also apply a way of thinking where we can’t fail. Here’s a sneaky look at why we continue to grow through the pandemic…


  1. Organizational Agility: don’t be afraid to pivot. Assess the market, consider your business opportunities and refocus your energy to guarantee your success.
  2. Transition to digital technology: transform your business using technology, ensuring you can deliver your products or services more efficiently from any location building a sustainable foundation.
  3. Learn, Adapt, Grow: Identify the lessons of the past and see them as opportunities for improvement and a more stable future.


If you’re looking to prepare for WA’s border reopening and want to implement a Business Continuity Plan or Incident Response Plan, please contact us at Catalyst Central …