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Women in Technology WA


WiTWA is operating as a mission-driven not for profit organisation providing a framework for diversity and equality for women in tech [+] in Western Australia. This year, Exodus Tech was a proud Tech [+] Gold sponsor alongside AWS and IBM.


The WitWA Tech [+] 2021 conference and awards ceremony was held on 04 & 05 November.


The Conference


The conference themes for 2021 were focused on “Shaping our Tech Future”, looking to empower women and acknowledge the wonderful contributions of women in the tech field. The event was hosted by Co-Chairs Tina Ambrose and Kay Hargreaves supported by an inspiring and outstanding group of speakers and panellists.



Speakers (Not in Order):
Shelley Cable
Sharon Wood-Kenney
US Consul General David J. Gainer
Dr Katherine Iscoe
Sonja Bernhardt OAM
Dr Kate Raynes-Goldie

Panellists (not in order):

Dr Vannesa Rauland

Sarah Bassett

Charlene Clarke

Dr Catherine Ball

Ella Smith

Alexandra Helens

Lucy Cooke

Molly Day

Rebekah Taka

Liesel Hughes

Angela Lam

Fiona Bishop

It was inspiring to listen to so many passionate and enthusiastic speakers that provided an in-depth discussion on how vital technology is in resolving so many of today’s challenges. We gained unique insight into each person’s journey and gained inspirational lessons from their experiences, drawing upon the backgrounds of women, men, Indigenous, culturally and linguistically diverse, LGBTQI+ and

neuro-diverse. Discussions were engaging with a focus on actions relevant for implementation within the workplace and the community.


“If you can see her, you can be her”


Historical insights and progressive ideas were shared throughout the conference however a few key messages really resonated with the Exodus Tech and Catalyst Central team.


We all stand on the shoulders of giants…

We all have a person or persons who came before us. Whether a direct supporter, a community advocate or simply an inspirational book, everyone has a source of strength and inspiration. If not, you can find it.


If you can see her, you can be her. But what if you can’t…

Then look in the mirror. It’s you! If you don’t have a female role model that you can look up to, be the role model for other women.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the workplace makes sense…

All businesses should aspire to have a diverse workforce to gain a wider perspective on any given situation and assist in recommending innovative solutions. Diversity in the workplace should be supported and celebrated.


Navigate the digital disruption, embrace transformation, and create your new technological landscape…

Simply, businesses should and need to embrace change, embrace disruption and become the transformation. Current problems may be highlighted but these can be resolved. make a difference and leverage technology to solve current and future challenges.


Learn from your failures…

Never be afraid to fail and learn fast. For us to succeed, we need to understand the mistakes and failures we encounter. Look for people that will help you reach your goals and support your growth.


The Awards Night


Congratulations to all the winners of this year’s WiTWA Tech [+] Awards.


The Awards night was a great success as everyone from a different industries, organisations and government agencies came together to celebrate this year’s nominees and winners.


Everyone looked stunning and had an amazing time. It was a very fun night of dancing, networking and celebrating our own year of tech developments at Exodus Tech!


A big thank you to the WiTWA Committee and Volunteers who make this annual event possible!